Sunday, August 5, 2012

Romnify: V. To deliberiately mislead or fabricate.

Man, Romney is certainly on a roll. Too bad it isn't necessarily a good one. Too bad, that is, for him. In a recent interview, Romney claimed Obama's stimulus plan was the definition of "insanity". You know the one: repeating the same action, but expecting a different outcome. If I wasn't so irritated with the steady stream of disinformation from the Red corner, I'd find this rather hilarious, considering that his economic and foreign policies are pretty much just the same failed policies enacted under the Bush administration, which is no surprise since he's working with the same advisers. Romney doesn't even have the decency to repackage it. The talking points his campaign have spewed are the same ones we've been hearing for the last decade.

The cherry topping the entire shitstorm sundae is Romney's refusal to disclose anything more than his last two tax returns. Both sides have agreed, he would benefit from the disclosure, unless he is, in fact rather than speculation, hiding something. He's running on the platform of a common sense businessman, who plans to put the American economy back on track. Showing the voters how much he pays into the services we all use would do wonders for his credibility. Unless he utilizes offshore accounts to stash his millions, depriving the American economy of any sort of benefit. Actually, he does. It's well-documented. Perhaps his reluctance stems from his prosperity through clever manipulation of the tax code. Hell, that'd sure put a damper on his claim that he's good for American business.

Another recent development is with his "tax plan" which would place a greater burden on American's making less than $200,000 a year while reducing the Upper-Class's tax burden by an average of $87,000 a year.  Now tell me, how many small business owners gross $200,000 a year in profits? For someone who acts as if he's the champion of small business owners, his tax plan sure seems to do a lot of damage, especially when you factor in the exemptions and deductions he plans to cut. Maybe it's a matter of definitions. Maybe to Romney a small business is like T-mobile, you know, compared to AT&T.

Honestly, his dishonesty is so readily apparent that if anyone who makes less than $200,000 a year actually votes for him, I don't think I can take their opinion seriously. He's the embodiment of Big Business and Corporate Fat Cats. If you think anything else, you might just be delusional.

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