Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh, Romney...

Romney is definitely having a rough week. After being publicly outed by the Obama Administration for his extremely misleading (and factually inaccurate) attack ads, the first leg of his "Charm the World" tour landed flat on its face. Insultingly ignorant, he paraded about, leaving a slew of offended British diplomats in his wake. By forgetting names and criticizing the London Olympics, he displayed a stunning lack of the finesse necessary to conduct foreign affairs. As good as that will make Obama look in the months leading up to the election, this also motivates me to take part in the campaign.

Backed by the deep pockets of big business, war-hawks, and right-wing fundamentalist PAC's of all sorts, Romney is a viable candidate. The polls show candidates locked in a neck-and-neck race. Between the money and the right-wing's ability to twist and manipulate the vote,  Romney actually stands a chance at winning this election. This terrifies me.

Touting reinstatement of failed Bush-era economic policies, aggressive military tactics, and a low opinion of those who make up the working class, a Romney presidency would mean four to eight years of steady, and possibly, rapid decline. The tax loopholes, from which he benefits, are the same ones that are aiding in the deterioration of the American middle-class. He has adopted the opinions of his handlers, who happen to be Cold War era, warmongering, fat cats with a tendency to make a profit off of war, as well as at the expense (see what I did there?) of the consumer. With Romney at the helm, another war seems likely, if not inevitable.

Is Obama a decent alternative? I don't know. In his first term, he met opposition at every turn. His ideas were big. His plans were long-term transformational pieces of legislation. All of this is admirable. His list of accomplishments versus failures seems to balance out. In recent months, on issues like gun control and equal rights for homosexuals, he has started to jump into the fray, rather than letting the dust settle. Perhaps if granted another four years, this aggressive demeanor will take root and thrive.

There's no doubt in my mind that Obama is the candidate that is best (at the moment) for America. Especially after seeing Romney's inability to conduct matters in a professional, non-offensive manner. Left to his own devices, I am sure he would be harmless, but he seems to be another Bush. Another puppet maneuvered to enact neo-con policy. That is a dangerous person to hold office in such volatile times.


  1. You have Romney down to a tee;he'll say whatever it takes to get elected because he doesn't have any core principals...As you say he's just a puppet and that's too bad because he's an intelligent man and he does know how to make money but he has lost his soul...Yesterday,instead of being tied to dancing horses;he completely avoided any questions that pertained to his wife's entry into the Olympics. He should of been proud of his wife's accomplishments and supported he but he didn't thinking it would make him look bad.

  2. I should of said it thought it would make him look bad.