Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby, I'm an Anarchist by Against Me!

Ouch, I fell behind for a few days. I've been incredibly busy, but that is no excuse. Everyday should mean just that.

Against Me's "Baby, I'm an Anarchist" should be our war anthem. At a time where two corrupt parties battle it out for the right to further the enslavement of the working class (each in their own way, of course), there should be an outraged public taking to the streets. Instead, we've allowed ourselves to fall into their well-laid trap. How are we ever to topple such a diseased system, if we cannot unite?

The parties demand undying, unthinking loyalty, as they toss their constituents peanuts (declaring support for same-sex marriages, promising to fight for the rights of the unborn), all the while, lining their pockets. A call to arms is necessary. Through educating and breaking ties with all pre-established parties, we can, and will, over come.

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