Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twilight Rant Concerning Politics

I love listening to the talking heads spout nonsensical opinions about as much as I love a trip to the dentist. The dawn of the 24 hour news network should have ushered in a golden era of government transparency. Instead it birthed a cesspool of uneducated punditry and propaganda. While I'd love to blame the media and the government, the fault lies with us.

Our society is built upon instant gratification, consumerism, and ceaseless entertainment. We've allowed ourselves to be drugged, dumbed down, and systematically divided by a ruling class that wants us to “go to the store, cook the food, and put it in front of [them], but [they] won't let [us] sit at the table with [them]”. Like dogs, we happily eat scrapes from their table. It's sickening. We've been taught to forget that the power lies with us. We outnumber them. They depend on us to do their cooking, cleaning, childrearing and various other tasks, yet we have the smallest piece of the pie and put more into the communal pot. They use buzz-words like “Job Creators” and “Risk Takers” in order to explain away this fact.
In addition to the lying and scheming, they have actively engaged in a war against the working class. They make unions out to be evil and then slash health-care benefits and pay for teachers, state employees, and military personnel. All the while, we just nod our heads, forgetting unions are there to protect the rights of the working class. They've successfully turned “socialism” into a four letter word. Ignoring that public education, a volunteer military, social security and US highways are all socialist programs. They have effectually turned us into a culture that fights against what would benefit us. Activists are ridiculed. Those who speak out against corruption and wage slavery are ignored.

The state of the union is diseased and because we rather watch Jersey Shore or rack up credit card bills buying things they tell us we need, we perpetuate this cycle. The American Elite have transformed our representative democracy into neo-feudalism. We have the power. We have the numbers. We hold all the cards. We just need to wake up and take back what's ours. It's only a matter of time before this ship sinks. What's happening to our nation is not in anyway sustainable and it's time to do something about it. It's either that or one day wake up wearing shackles and feigning surprise.

The choice is ours. Live as slaves or live as individuals in a truly free society.

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